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Tony DeCastro

Scuba Instructor

I've always loved being in and around water my whole life, and I was also super curious about scuba diving and inspired by pioneers like Jacques Cousteau. But for a long time I thought learning to scuba dive was going to be hard and complicated, but I learned otherwise and it was so much fun! From the first moment I took a scuba breath underwater, I was hooked! Kicking myself a little for waiting so long, I eagerly kept diving and took more classes along the way to eventually become an Open Water Instructor. I love sharing my experiences with others and am blessed that my wife shares this passion (she learned to dive soon after we met and is now a Divemaster). We really enjoy teaching and going on our vacations around the world with the Fins Up scuba family. My favorites? The "Big Fish" dives in Fiji (with sharks!), drift diving in Cozumel, and any shipwrecks wherever they may be... but really, any day underwater, anywhere, is a great day! 

Tony DeCastro and a turtle
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