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Open Water 

The Open Water Program (“OW” as the pros say) at Fins Up Scuba is where most people start their scuba diving adventures!  The program is divided into four key parts:  Self-Study, Classroom, Pool Dives, & Open Water Dives  Self-Study When you sign up for your class with us you will receive a Digital Training Kit. You will be able to do your knowledge development on your phone, digital device, or computer.

Specialty Diver

So many specialties are available. You are sure to find the courses you are interested in to be a better & safer diver!!

Rescue Diver

“Rescue” is the first program you take as a diver where the emphasis isn’t mainly on your diving skills. The program teaches you how to handle common (and some not so common) issues that can happen while diving and focuses on problem solving skills. Through this program you will become a more confident diver and have a whole new skill set that makes you an invaluable buddy!  The program consists of Self-study, Classroom (as necessary), Pool Training, and Open Water Dives...

Advanced Open Water

Do you want to be a better diver? Get some street cred as a diver?  Advanced Open Water is the Program for you.  “AOW” or “Advanced” (as the pros say).  For more information on specialty certifications, call the shop! Fins Up Scuba is proud to offer small classes and focus on the training you need and want!

CPR, First Aid, AED, O2

CPR and First Aid programs that teach lifesaving skills. It can be broken into smaller programs to meet anyone's needs!


CPR & First Aid

CPR, First Aid, & Oxygen

First Aid


Master Diver

Master Diver is the highest recreational rating and is an earned rating. Contact Fins Up Scuba for more information!!

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