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John Kagy
Scuba Instructor/ CPR, First Aid, O2 Instructor

I got into Scuba diving because a friend had been bugging me for years to get certified so that we could go diving together. Though once I became certified the diving bug took hold and now, I dive a lot more than they ever have, and I am now the one bugging them to go diving and or on diving trips all the time :)

As it’s still early in my diving journey I have not been to a lot of diving locations yet. Currently, my favorite place to dive is in Cozumel, Mexico. However, there are still plenty of great places that I would like to dive such as French Polynesia, Catalina Island, and many others that I hope to go to in the future.

I decided to become dive professional to further expand my diving skillset and to help others in their diving journeys and or to help those wanting to begin their journey into Scuba diving.

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