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Open Water. Start your Adventure!

The Open Water Diver Program (“OW” as the pros say)

at Fins Up Scuba is where most people start their scuba diving adventures! 

The program is divided into four key parts: 

  1. Self-Study

  2. The Classroom

  3. The Pool Dives

  4. The Open Water Dives 


When you sign up for your class with us you will receive a Digital Training Kit. You will be able to do your knowledge development on your phone, digital device, or computer. Each has its own advantages but whichever way you choose (you can use all of them), we will be there to answer your questions as they come up! However you learn best, it is a good idea to budget about ten hours of self-study. 

The Classroom

Classroom takes on average of around four hours. We will talk about key concepts and it will give you plenty of time to ask your instructors questions. When you are comfortable with the material we will administer the final exam.

The Pool Dives

There are several confined water dive sessions all done in the same day. Each has building skills to teach you how to be a comfortable and safe diver. We at Fins Up Scuba believe that good diving habits start at the beginning of your training so we will give you lots of swim time with our small classes and great student to instructor ratios. 

The Open Water Dives

There are four open water dives required to complete the open water certification and they must be done over at least a two day period. We like to think of these dives as the continuing practice from the pool. Besides some basic navigation skills, all the skills that you will do in the open water you already mastered in the pool! We conduct the dives locally at Lake Pleasant but can make other arrangements as necessary. 

** Though it is not our main focus, we do offer private instruction. If you are interested in private scuba lessons, local or in any destination, please contact the shop and ask for Chris.

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