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Who/What is PSS?

PSS Worldwide (or Professional Scuba Schools Worldwide) is one of the most innovative diver training agencies in the world. Born from the passion of dive training professionals more than 25 years ago, today thousands of PSS trained divers and leaders demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities around the globe. PSS professionals continue to think “outside of the box” and are constantly striving to make diver education and training better for the student, store, and professional.

PSS or Professional Scuba Schools Worldwide (click on the logo for more info) is a proud Member of the WRSTC or World Recreational Scuba Training Council (click on the logo for more info).

Membership to RSTC qualifies its associated organizations, by virtue of the common minimum standards, as being "internationally recognized".

The standards of PSS diving courses conform to the directives of the European Community (EU Standards) and ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization). This conformity is essential in order to operate in compliance with the training rules and regulations associated with worldwide scuba training .

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