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Scuba Fun Fact From An Instructor Trainer…

One of the questions we get asked a lot from non divers looking to get Open Water certified is “can I get my (fill in the blank agency) Dive License from Fins Up Scuba?”

PSS, SSI, PADI, SDI, etc… are all just brands (we call them Certification Agencies). They are all good brands and members of the WRSTC (think of them as the rule setters), but still just brands. It is just like buying a car. Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Subaru, etc… all make fine cars and they all have to meet certain safety requirements. It is up to you as the consumer to find out what dealership is going to respect you and your time and give you a fair price.


“Scuba Licenses” are called Certification Cards or C Cards and as long as the Agency (brand) on the card is a member of the WRSTC, the card is valid anywhere in the world.


We really love PSS here, but honestly, they are all good. Some will have features that are more modern and some take a more old school approach.


Instructors are really the key to whether your class is amazing or just OK. They have always been the key to the success of Fins Up Scuba. Check our reviews and you will see, when it is a class they almost always name the instructor by name.


Now you know and We hope that helps,


Chris (Co-Owner/Instructor Trainer)

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