The staff here at Fins Up Scuba cares about the environment!!

LED lighting throughout our building, no plastic shopping bags,

larger orders less frequently to reduce packing materials and our carbon footprint,

etc... We clean up our local diving spots while we are teaching classes

(we hope that this shows our students the difference that everyone can make).

We organize underwater clean ups in our local area as well

(and even a few in tropical destinations).

We also have and will continue to organize trips with turtle rescues and shark conservation activities so that we can continue to educate people on the important roles that they play in the ecosystem!

Whether it is not using straws, plastic bags, or single use bottles you can make a difference.


As divers we can make a difference by having Perfect Buoyancy, learning about the animals we are diving with (wide variety of Ecology courses),  and by participating in cleanups.

To get more information on what you can do to get involved, check out Blue Oceans at (our click the underlined Blue Oceans at the top of the page) or talk to us in the shop!!

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